Writing is tough

I’ve been working on a few different writings/stories lately. I haven’t had alot of extra time, and it’s driving me crazy! I don’t really have much of a bio out together, but between 3 kids, a dog and 2 cats, things have been hectic. Last week, the water pump in my house broke, so there were a good three days without any water! That was fun. This week is a whole new adventure, and I’d like to keep up my writings. I’ve submitted poems to a couple of contests, but haven’t heard back yet.

I hope everyone had a good weekend, and has a good week ahead of them.


Tonight’s the night I wonder what it’s like, to be so sure of who I am, to know what tomorrow brings.

Sometimes my mind just doesn’t feel right, and every word I hear stings.

My energy becomes hazy, and in the silence I’m tranquilly reflecting.

I take 3 deep breaths to feel my energies flowing, and connecting.

My peace is zen.

My zen is perfection.

To know what it’s like to know all protection.

More posts

Hello, everyone, I just want to mention that I will not be starting a writing challenge in this next week. I have had some personal issues going on this last week, and I will not have time! I assure though, I will not stop working on my pieces.

I read an article from, well I can’t even remember, but it was advice from an author, “as long as you’re writing everyday, you’re still moving forward.”

So, remember, even if you don’t post anything, just writing a little something, even personal, means you’re on the right track! Keep it up, fellow artists, and writers.

Who we are

It’s dark outside, am I falling behind?

Better hide or you’ll lose your mind.

It’s not only Halloween, it’s your darkest dream.

Day of the dead, or is it all in your head?

A little gruesome, a twinge of dark.

It’s only redrum, and you’re the nark.

Ouija board, don’t mess with me.

Moving forward, let me be free.

You’re the demon, the broken kid.

Listen to the sermon, and everything wrong you did.

Writing Challenge

I’ve been on wordpress, for a few weeks now, and I’ve noticed alot of writers are working on writing challenges. It is a great idea, and I want to practice, myself, maybe gain some skills. I’m going to start off easy with a ten day challenge I found on Google. I’ll post the writing prompt, and underneath I will write my shirt story. I’m excited to try this out, as I’ve been struggling with creative ideas. Farewell, and have a great day.

Dreams and fairy tales

Early morning, hard to sleep, not sure why some days I can’t get a grip.

It’s dark outside, my thoughts are deep, I can hear the leaky faucet drip.

I’m a million miles away, but I’m still right here,

I thought maybe today, we’d face our fears.

You’re a sunset by the ocean, you’re a moon in the sky.

You’re patience is wearing thin, I don’t want you to say goodbye.

I only came here to see you smile, thought we could watch the scenery, awhile.

The sun turns your hair to gold, and your blue eyes melt my soul.

Cemetery Walls

The cemetery walls, howl with fog, guarded by a sinister red eyed dog.

I want to enter, but the demons won’t let me near. The crows dont chirp, they mourn in fear.

The darkness wraps around the moonlight, and the looming trees don’t look right

The spirits hover above their graves, in hope that their souls will be saved.

I feel empty, and I feel cold, but a part of me must belong in this home.


The moon looks down on you and me. The stars above are waiting too.

You’re a reflection in an old glass window, I’m the ghost trying to break free, wondering why it’s so hard loving you.

I wake up again, it’s always 3:00AM.

I’m staying awake, in this mindless mayhem.

Your skin absorbs the moonlight, my thoughts don’t feel right.

The weather’s changing, and it’s been raining all night.

The nightmares invite the demons in, and I feel you running again

Hold me tight, hold real still, show me that you’re worth the thrill.


Disconnection buries us whole.

No affection, makes everything dull.

Dissatisfaction is such an utter mess.

Your bad reaction, layers the stress.

We’re all hypocrites, searching for who to blame.

When will we all admit, that life is just a twisted game?

Take me home, and fill me with completeness.

Set the bomb in perfect sequence;

The path to denial is this way.

I do the math, and it looks like you won’t stay.

I’m the one, hiding in the shadows.

I always run, and wonder why I feel so low.

The beginning, the end, we all know the cycle

The grinning, the sinning, and we always turn so spiteful.

Let me go, humanity, let us fade

Just let me know, you’ll come back for me, someday.


Was it my fault? Maybe I tried too hard, or not enough.

Do we ever strive sufficiently? Are we fatiguing ourselves too much, trying to act tough?

We all want to be something more, we all want to mean importance.

But wouldn’t you say that deep in our minds it’s just disturbance?

Where is the line of right or wrong? Where is the line of reality and fiction?

Is it following morality that makes us strong? Does anyone else care about such affliction?